We are a group of innovators and intellectuals. We approach work and play with curiosity and exploration, utilizing what we’ve learned.
In addition to developing digital solutions that help our clients build their businesses and provide their customers with better experiences, we strive to provide our clients with tangible solutions and transformations.
At BerproAI, we offer the greatest AI systems along with highly skilled technical personnel to ensure maximum productivity in a secure working environment.

bepro Business Intelligence (BI)

A dedicated chat program based on artificial intelligence to interact with users. He is live on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter and other websites. It supports multiple languages ​​including Arabic, supports direct Google searches, and can be retrained to edit answers to avoid errors.

Bepro ML and Automation

Healthcare robotic process automation differs greatly from other industries. Rather, we’re talking about clever bots, or pre-programmed software agents, that live in systems like insurance, accountancy, patient interaction, and laboratory data, to mention a few.

Bepro No-Code/ML Platform

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bepro Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT services help aggregate data from physical objects and use it intelligently for process automation and business intelligence. We provide value-focused IoT solutions and build multi-level data pipelines for this: from edge computing to cloud data processing and data science. Business Intelligence systems and services  are at the heart of every organization.

Bepro AI Imaging

AI Imaging brings together a wide range of clinical and technological innovators. It offers Business Intelligence, an advanced platform that enables healthcare providers to collect, organize, analyze, and manage clinical, financial, and administrative data, thereby supporting the delivery of clinical, financial, and administrative data.

bepro NLP / Chatbots

Business Intelligence (BI) services are services that design, develop, and deploy business processes as well as integrate, support, and manage related applications and technology platforms. These include business applications and infrastructure for BI platforms, analytics needs, and data storage infrastructure.

Our Mission

At Bepro AI, we’re on a mission to reshape business through AI and IoT expertise. Specializing in emerging tech, we make digital solutions easy, transforming companies. By blending physical spaces, web, and mobile tech, we spark innovation, fuel growth, and redefine how we work.

Our Vision

Bepro AI aims to be a leading company that offers unmatched products and services in quality and expertise. With our cutting-edge digital solutions, we develop a quantifiable impact on organizations as part of our SPECIFIC dedication to innovation. We are a team looking to improve customer experiences and enable businesses through measurable and observable outcomes