Meta Quest 3 is Here! Plus, Quest 2 Prices Drop Even More

Meta Quest 3 is Here! Plus, Quest 2 Prices Drop Even More
October 3, 2023

Hey VR fans! Big news from Meta – Meta Quest 3 is now up for grabs, and there are some cool updates on Quest 2 too. Let’s break it down.

Meta Quest 3: Your Gateway to a New Reality
Ready, Set, Go!
The wait is over – Meta Quest 3 is out and about! This is not just a headset; it’s your ticket to a whole new level of virtual and mixed reality fun.

Power-Packed Performance
Quest 3 comes with a fancy high-resolution display and top-notch pancake optics for visuals that will blow your mind. The collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies means it’s got a super snazzy Snapdragon chipset, giving you smoother gameplay and sharper details.

Real-Life Magic with Meta Reality
Here’s the cool part – Meta Reality tech is in the mix. This means you can seamlessly blend the real world with the virtual one. Imagine playing games on your kitchen table or giving your living room a virtual makeover. Quest 3 makes it happen!

Comfy and Stylish
Quest 3 is designed for comfort with a sleeker profile. The redesigned Touch Plus controllers feel like they’re part of your hands, and TruTouch haptics add an extra layer of awesomeness.

Tons of Fun in One Device
Compatibility with Quest 2’s library and a promise of exciting new titles means Quest 3 has the best collection of fun stuff to dive into.

Quest 2: Even More Affordable Fun
Prices That Wow
But that’s not all – Meta is making VR even more wallet-friendly. Quest 2 prices are dropping even more. The 128GB version is now $249.99, and the 256GB version is a steal at $299.99.

Better Performance
And as a bonus, there’s an update boosting CPU and GPU performance for both Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Expect smoother gameplay and richer content. Plus, Dynamic Resolution Scaling is now a thing, making everything look even better.

Meta wants everyone to enjoy VR, whether you’re into games, fitness, or work stuff. With Meta Quest 3 ready to roll and Quest 2 now even more affordable, the VR community is buzzing. Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s keep exploring the awesome world of virtual reality together!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      By Samar Hamdoun

Meta Quest 3 is Here! Plus, Quest 2 Prices Drop Even More
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