Xpeng Aeroht, a subsidiary of Chinese EV manufacturer Xpeng Motors, has announced plans to start accepting orders for its flying car later this year, with deliveries set to begin in late 2025. The Land Aircraft Carrier, priced at over 1 million yuan ($140,000), is a modular vehicle with a flying module for low-altitude transport and a ground module with six wheels. Xpeng stands out at CES as the only company providing a timeline for commercial sales of flying cars.


Primarily targeting the consumer market in China, Xpeng aims to gradually introduce its flying cars to consumers. The company plans to allow buyers to fly the vehicles in designated trial areas first. Brian Gu, co-president of Xpeng Motors, acknowledges that educating consumers will take time, and they anticipate the initial buyers to be aviation enthusiasts.

Unlike most competitors targeting business and public service sectors, Xpeng is focusing on individual consumers. The company also showcased a concept electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) flying car at CES, emphasizing its commitment to innovation in the electric aviation field.


While Xpeng faces challenges such as developing essential components and navigating regulatory hurdles, it remains optimistic about the support from China in the emerging sector. The company is actively engaging with regulators to address issues related to airspace approval, certification, and the absence of a flying license examination for such novel products.

Brian Gu clarified that, currently, there are no plans to sell Xpeng’s electric cars in the U.S., and the timing of entry into the U.S. market is still under internal discussion. Despite these challenges, Xpeng believes in the potential for China to take a leading role in setting global standards for electric aviation, drawing parallels with China’s approach to 5G and 6G technologies.


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