Incredible news has emerged as scientists claim to have chatted with a 38-year-old humpback whale named Twain for 20 minutes in Southeast Alaska. This unusual conversation happened when researchers from the SETI Institute and UC Davis played a pre-recorded ‘contact call,’ and Twain responded.

This breakthrough marks the first-ever communication between humans and whales using their language. What’s even more exciting is that scientists believe this could pave the way for talking to aliens in the future.


The researchers studied how whales communicate to create tools for understanding potential alien messages. By broadcasting a whale greeting call through underwater speakers, they noticed Twain altering her own calls in response.

Dr. Brenda McCowan from UC Davis explained that Twain’s responses showed signs of an interactive conversation, which could signify a significant development in understanding whale “language.” It seems Twain might have been excited or possibly agitated during this exchange.

Beyond just speaking with whales, the bigger goal is to understand how to communicate with aliens. Humpback whales are a great starting point due to their high intelligence and how they communicate over long distances in the ocean.


Dr. Laurence Doyle of the SETI Institute believes that the behavior of humpback whales reflects an assumption in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence—aliens might also want to communicate. This connection between whale interactions and potential alien communication could help us decode messages from unknown sources in space.

This breakthrough expands our search for alien signals beyond just radio waves. As we learn more about speaking with whales, we’re getting closer to unlocking the mysteries of communication with possible extraterrestrial life forms.

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