A man discovered an iPhone that seemed undamaged after falling approximately 16,000 feet from an Alaska Airlines flight. The flight, Alaska Airlines Flight 1282, experienced an emergency landing in Oregon due to a fuselage issue causing cabin pressure loss and chaos on board.

The incident involved the blowing out of a portion of the plane’s fuselage while cruising over Oregon, resulting in the deployment of oxygen masks and damage to seats and walls due to the rapid air rush. National Transportation Safety Board Chair Jennifer Homendy confirmed the discovery of the door plug and two cell phones by local community members.


Sean Bates, also known as @SeanSafyre on the platform, found one of the iPhones on the ground, still in airplane mode with an intact battery and displaying baggage claim details for the Alaska Airlines flight. Bates reported the find to the NTSB and later shared an image of the iPhone with a broken charger plug still inside.


In a TikTok video, Bates recounted finding the iPhone under a bush, initially skeptical but noting its cleanliness, lack of scratches, and absence of a screen lock. The NTSB stated both phones would be returned to their owners after examination.


Additionally, the NTSB received photos of the lost door plug from a school teacher named “Bob,” who found it in his backyard near Portland and sent it to the safety board for investigation. The plug, measuring 26 by 48 inches and weighing 63 pounds, will undergo examination to determine how it detached from the plane.

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