Companies who have created some of the most Clever Advertisements

1. Loctite:

Loctite, the glue expert, got creative with a Super Glue ad. They jumped on the buzz around the British Royal Family, making a connection with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s story. This ad not only grabbed attention but also made us remember it.


2. WWF:

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) went bold with an ad featuring a dust elephant. It showed us, in a simple yet powerful way, the impact of cutting down forests on wildlife. This creative move made us think about bigger environmental issues.



3. Raid:

Raid, the bug killer brand, added humor to its ads with Spiderman. They turned the battle against household pests into a fun and entertaining story. It’s a creative way to make us remember Raid when we think about pest control.



4. New Balance:

New Balance, the sports brand, made a mark by being for everyone. They didn’t just focus on performance but also on style and comfort. This creative move showed that their shoes are for a wide range of people.


5. Nike:

Nike, the sports giant, used motivational clocks to inspire us. This creative twist doesn’t just sell shoes but also gives a push for fitness. It shows how ads can be more than just about products; they can motivate us too.

Apple Vision PRO

6. The Bible App:

The Bible App, or YouVersion, surprised us by using an ironic review in their ad. This creative move made the app feel more personal. It shows that even unexpected feedback can be used in a clever way.


In conclusion, these ads teach us that creativity makes ads memorable. Whether it’s through stories, simple visuals, or unexpected ideas, these companies used their imagination to grab our attention and make us remember their messages.

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