April Fools 2024 Marketing Roundup


Fools Fools Every April Fools’ Day, something extraordinary happens online as brands unleash their creativity with ludicrous pranks. Despite the day’s repetition, each year brings a fresh wave of hilarity as brands innovate with new jests. Some of these mock products could easily be mistaken for real ones due to […]

Lamborghini Reveals Their New Logo After 20 years


Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini, has recently unveiled its first logo update in over two decades, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s visual identity. This fresh interpretation of the iconic emblem reflects Lamborghini’s commitment to staying relevant in a rapidly evolving automotive landscape while preserving its distinctive heritage and values. The […]

Balenciaga is Selling Chip Bags for 1,750$


Balenciaga Balenciaga Balenciaga is once again changing the fashion game with its latest creation: the Chips Bags. After the success of its Lay’s-inspired bags in 2022, the luxury brand is now offering its own potato chip bags, designed to add flair to your grocery shopping look. These ‘Maxi Packs’ are […]

Time that has passed since these Remarkable Digital Firsts.


Time Time From the invention of the telephone to the emergence of groundbreaking technologies like smartphones and the inception of the first Google search, the digital landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past 147 years. The ascent of social media and on-demand services has been punctuated by notable […]

Apple Vision PRO launched in the U.S and people are already using it.

Apple Vision PRO

Apple Vision PRO Apple Vision PRO Apple has recently introduced its latest innovation, The Vision Pro, a virtual reality headset. Here’s what you need to know: PriceThe headset starts at $3,499 for 256GB of storage, going up to $3,899 for 1TB. Extra costs may apply for vision inserts, priced at […]