20 Biggest Movie Sequels Coming In 2024


movie The highly anticipated movie sequels set for release in 2024 represent some of the most exciting franchises of the decade. Additionally, there are long-awaited follow-ups to iconic films from the turn of the century or earlier.These upcoming sequels stand as major attractions drawing audiences back to theatres. Ranging from […]

Conversation with a Whale: Opening Doors to Alien Communication?


alien Incredible news has emerged as scientists claim to have chatted with a 38-year-old humpback whale named Twain for 20 minutes in Southeast Alaska. This unusual conversation happened when researchers from the SETI Institute and UC Davis played a pre-recorded ‘contact call,’ and Twain responded. This breakthrough marks the first-ever […]

When will you die? New AI model trained to predict your time of death


die The emergence of AI-based death prediction models raises ethical concerns and complex implications. Researchers have developed algorithms that can accurately predict death in certain cases, with about 78% accuracy, using a combination of social, employment, public record, and health information. However, the study participants weren’t informed about their predicted […]

Scientist Develop First Mind-Reading Helmet That Can Write What You Think


scientist A groundbreaking discovery has been made in the field of neuroscience and artificial intelligence by researchers, at the Human centric Artificial Intelligence Centre in the University of Technology Sydney. They have introduced a mind reading helmet that has the ability to convert thoughts into written text marking an extraordinary […]

Hermes Billionaire’s Plan to Adopt Former Gardener


Billionaire’s The grandson of the Hermès fashion house founder, Nicolas Puech, is reportedly planning an unconventional succession strategy by adopting his 51-year-old former gardener as his legal child. This move, reminiscent of a storyline from the movie Annie, involves a twist where Puech, an unmarried and childless billionaire, aims to […]

Maximizing Post-Holiday Sales: Meta’s guide to Q5 marketing strategies


holiday Meta released a new guide on making the most of sales after the holidays. They call this time between late December and mid-January “Q5”. It’s when marketing teams focus on boosting sales. This guide shares tips on improving your advertising during this period. It includes insights on ads and […]